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Temps is the leading company providing integrated HR services and workforce solutions for white collar professionals. Founded in 2011 as part of RINF group, we built our core expertise in the IT&C sector. We capitalized our market knowledge and expanded our know-how to other sectors, to create the same excellent delivery model. The company has been growing out of passion for an outstanding performance for both candidates and clients.

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how we work

People and competence are generating our today’s success. We build a team of professionals specialized on core markets for white collar profiles. Our consultants are time-effective, assuming an advising role for mapping resources in order to find client and candidate matching opportunities. We are continuously monitoring labor market trends in order to anticipate and be more accurate on the candidate market. We consolidated in-house expertise by investing in technology and process digitalization as key components for a flexible and effective service. We value our clients as partners.


Enthusiasm is what brings power to expertise, what makes us feel engaged in every partnership, what inspires us to feel proud of the service provided. We value our people, grow and inspire in order to create a great team experience.


The candidate needs to have that chance to experience the matching job opportunity that enhances future career development. Our mission is to identify talent and offer support, to create value for each partnering organization.


Being connected to facts and “thoughts” of the labor market helps us foresee existing dynamics and future trends. This is an ongoing process of building expertise and market understanding, in order to advise our clients to better plan and relate investments to actual resources.


We take pride in our reputation for excellence. Continuously rising up to challenges represents our second skin.


“Out of all collaborations I’ve had with all the HR companies I’ve worked with on Call Center projects, the one with Rinf Temps was the most pleasant and productive. They are fair, proactive, transparent and extremely flexible. Moreover, they out paced our expectations and therefor I must thank them for everything they did and I am looking forward to see their input on our future projects.”

George G CSS Officer @ Provident

“Our collaboration with Rinf, but also Temps, is a very good one and the years we have worked along can prove it. I can firmly state that all our demands were solved in real time, demands like invoice releases, contract changes or reports. From our behalf there’s no objection, on the contrary, ever since we have worked with Rinf and Temps on our Siemens projects, I can state that all our requests were delivered in real time and according to all Romanian procedures. We are happy to work with them and we are happy to have them on board for future projects.”

Nicoleta Popa – HR Manager @ Siemens

“For us, working with Temps was a pleasant experience with a successful outcome. Although we only worked for only 3 months, the allotted recruiter proved to be very professional and fully committed to the contractual agreement. Temps is a serious agency and we’ll definitely work again in the future.

Many thanks to the Temps team and we recommend their services to those who need a temporary employee. Temps is defined by promptness and seriousness.”

Dana Teodorescu – Recruitment Coordinator @ Stefanini

“The problem with HR recruiting is the lack of feedback – from my personal experience. What I loved about working with Temps is the communication we had all through the recruiting process, the feedback they offered and not just that: the feedback they asked for in order to adapt their services to my needs. I found that to be amazing and I was more than happy with my experience.”

HR Manager – IT&C Industry

“Since the beginning of our collaboration, Temps team has proven nothing but high professionalism, perseverance and also excellent negotiation and communication skills. They were a solid partner in what I would define as a successful collaboration, which happened during with my employment at NISSA, as an HR Specialist. In this period, they offered constant support in different aspects of my position. I highly recommend the services offered by Temps for all your future projects.”

HR Officer from Retail Industry, hired by Temps

“The best team, the most interesting and efficient recruiting experience, the best results. I recommend Temps to anyone who wants to see a different side of HR than the one they are used to.”

HR Manager – IT Industry

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