Our candidates are inspired and are inspiring other people.

How we work

We build a team of professionals specialized on core markets for white collar profiles. Our consultants are time-effective, assuming an advising role for mapping resources in order to find client and candidate matching opportunities.


Enthusiasm is what brings power to expertise, what makes us feel engaged in every partnership, what inspires us to feel proud of the service provided. We value our people, grow and inspire in order to create a great team experience.


The candidate needs to have that chance to experience the matching job opportunity that enhances future career development. Our mission is to identify talent and offer support, to create value for each partnering organization.


Being connected to facts and “thoughts” of the labor market helps us foresee existing dynamics and future trends. This is an ongoing process of building expertise and market understanding, in order to advise our clients to better plan and relate investments to actual resources.

Who are we

Temps has been growing out of passion for an outstanding performance for both candidates and clients.

Blogging around for what we are
passionate about

Have a sneak peak inside our story, from our day to day to concepts, campaigns, events, thoughts and maybe unpopular opinions.

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