In defence of HR, how can you make the difference?

Welcome to the Land of Opportunity, a great way to keep your adrenaline going and building a continuous learning environment.

Free access simplifies scouting for information and facilitates own initiatives. We want innovative and passionate people, and nourish an environment where they will flourish. We want with the Ebook Resources to support our role of catalyst of human potential, to make the HR job more “gentle”, more interesting and absolutely much more attractive.

We decided to tell the story from the role of partner, beneficiary and sometimes supplier, like all relationships in every organization. Let’s start this journey in the HR universe and develop together the next generation of HR specialists

  • You will understand HR evolution and for what role/functions it stands today in the business eco’system.
  • You will discover the premises on tomorrow’s HR and what are “the today’s needs” for reshaping.
  • You will understand what are the key functions of a recruiter and learn about crucial components in the recruitment process.
  • You will discover that the role of a recruiter goes beyond “scouting” or “talking”
  • Learn where you make the difference in the recruitment process.
  • You will discover the seps required for undergoing a successful recruitment.

Stay aware and map talent even if you think you know best !

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