Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

  • We provide HR service integration to raise value proposition. These flexible solutions for managing a specific service need include recruitment, labor market benchmarking and consultancy, retention plan, admin operations and performance management.
  • Temps takes over the task management for the outsourced employee, becoming employer of record for HR operations. It offers the opportunity of gaining business flexibility, immediate access to expertise based on extended exposure and a scale cost saving.
  • Work force solutions for white collar professionals. Customized end-to-end employment solutions for business expansion. Assessment expertise enabling your company to readily connect with the right candidates. Actively working as experts with an understanding of local market conditions across all major industries.

Why should I choose to work through an Agency like Temps?

  • You gain Comprehensive cross-industry coverage through working with focus, on higher standards provide synergies across a range of industry sector, extensive understanding of individual segments of the job market and spot talent countrywide, advising opportunities and limitations
  • Temps offers End-to-End Solutions, full-scale services allowing you to expand, hire and onboard quickly and compliantly. We explore with you in order to understand the benefits of each of the delivered services choosing wisely upon desired outcome.
  • A Dedicated Consultant will be assigned to your project as one point of contact to expertly guide and follow your operations. Our consultant will explore with you the important criteria when hiring permanently or temporary effectively with a proactive attitude towards solution selling.
  • Cost Savings, working with a 3rd party It is an investment for other strategic aspects that the client already assumes by its own team. But we do understand that timing and perceived need are important. Your need for benchmarking, flexibility and adaptability will decide when it is the right timing.

What kind of search do you offer?

  • TempsHR offers a retained search service, customized for organizations prioritizing complementarity and added value. Our retained search spot talents based on industry knowledge and emphasizing the consultative role for both candidate and client. For businesses that are seeking to fill strategic roles or volumes, a retained search service is the most effective recruitment model to adopt.
  • When you partner with TempsHR, our experienced talent acquisition consultants guide you through each stage of the recruitment lifecycle. Estimated success rates, deployment and market capabilities will support further actions in targeting engaged results.
  • Our retained search enables TempsHR to be granted effective time in relation to process deliverables. We find valuable to dedicate additional time and resources to market research and specific strategy for engaging the right candidates. This allows us to source candidates that are generally unavailable to other providers.

What industries do you recruit for?

  • Our Expertise helps clients from IT&C, BPO/SSC, B2B services, Banking & Financial Services, Retail, FMCG, Pharma.

What roles are you specialized in?

  • Our approach is far from being generic. We are building specific strategies and knowledge in order sell a key differentiator to our clients. Effectiveness has been built through deeper understanding of candidates mindsets within IT, BPO or Generic Specialists roles. 
  • Our advising role adds value to background information in order to answer specific business objectives. Matching internal expectations to candidate market dynamics in real time helps your better assess and place outcomes in time and volume.

How are Temps candidates different?

  • TempsHR utilizes advanced search and selection processes to identify suitably qualified, senior professionals across all industry verticals.
  • Our strategic approach to volum recruitment is focused on targeted search service, connecting you to qualified candidates in best timing, deliberating on opportunities and limitations.

How does TempsHR differ from other recruitment agencies?

  • TempsHR is a recognized key delivery service for our core’markets. Our ability to connect organizations to the right talent makes us a specialist recruitment provider for businesses seeking to break into new markets or consolidate talent within the company.
  • At TempsHR, we are specialized in assisting businesses to hire right. This means that our advising-focused role, based on facts and previous expertise. Candidate market visibility remains a competitive advantage on a candidate driven market. Our sourcing strategy together with the recruitment methodology are aiming to save time for our clients, break geographical limitations and bring objectivity in the decision process. We are proactively consolidating a candidate data base, structured on competences and personal abilities in order to manage both candidate and clients expectations.
  • Another common denominator is the passion with which we do everyday things

Do your recruitment consultants have any specialist experience or training?

  • Our team of recruitment experts are trained and qualified constantly in all matters of recruitment strategy. We are conducting every end of year an appraisal aimed to identify strong points and challenges. The Appraisal is structured based on key set of personal abilities and competences shaping our work philosophy, spot on and validate progress inspiring in other people’s struggles. We are building a training plan the need of people to interact, inspire and experiment. 
  • In addition to this, many of our team have extensive experience working in the industries they now recruit for. What is maybe the most important is to be present and transform training into an on’going learning experience, personal motivation and interest.

Do you ensure career paths to your employees?

  • You are first supposed to learn in order to consolidate and then to expand. The challenge is to be aware that we are designing our job to results and not the other way round. 
  • We see a strong link between our role as Temps associates, persona among people, professional within our business communities or mentor for students. Being responsible as a business partner represents a commitment to evolution and a responsibility to raise value and insure fair opportunities. It represents a path we have been taking in our philosophy, driving our steps to evolution and continuous transformation, investing in technology and building value on human interactions.

What makes your company a great place to work for?

  • In October 2021 we celebrated 10 years since our first employee. During all these years lots of transformations lead us to what we are today, a lot of strategies and learning paths have been employed in order to understand “our DNA”.  We reached a certain business maturity in order to enjoy everyday challenge and find ways to be at our best.
  • We created the context to improve agility and adaptability to people and situations, being empathic and understanding on both opportunities and learnings. Continuous learning is an attitude that we privilege throughout a variety of environments social and professional. Self’ educating ourself shows our capacity to learn from others, to let ourself inspired building up a strong will to find new ways through inner motivation.

What is your company’s culture?

  • Working agility is a concept that we employ in our daily work philosophy. It is a way to cope with change and adaptability in the only scope of expecting the unexpected, foreseen directions in a very dynamic world. Work is about leadership, morals and ethics at the individual level. We embrace challenge as an attitude for a “better me” and mindful experiences. We enrich our expertise by building on potential, curiosity, a meaning and a purpose.
  • We practice more the inner state when we observe ourselves in action, creating space for reflection on believes and assumptions, understanding transformation and building on evolution.

What do your employees appreciate in your offices?

  • The added value of continuous investments we have made in technology. The fact that we had processes and culture that managed to “plug’in” immediately represents a strong point in supporting hybrid work. 
  • We wanted an office to feel ZEN and balanced, open both to interactions and privacy upon everybody’s need.  Somehow it is interesting as it feels more like home, creating some kind of bridge between the two types of energies.