Why should you choose working with a 3rd party

What are the limitations when working with an Agency?

It costs money

But limiting yourself to the belief that nobody knows or doesn’t better will not enhace creativity and engagement.

Training time

No matter how skilled or experienced the temporary worker, he or she must get up to speed on your way of doing business.

Short-term efficiency

When permanent employees are tasked with training and shadowing, short-term efficiency may suffer.

Trust issues

Long-established teams may lead to friction before they get to function efficiently because trust hasn’t been established.

What are the Opportunities when working with an Agency?

Trust complementary not competition, cross industry solutions and learnings.

Optimizing short-term costs, including credit costs.

These includes all employment costs and also the service of payroll processing, administrative expenses and managing fringe benefits.

Temporary employees.

They can be a huge boom to businesses that are rapidly expanding, have fluctuating delivery requirements, or need a specialized skill set on a limited time basis.

Ability to evaluate potential employees before hiring permanently.

You’re afforded the opportunity to assess a person’s skills, personality and fit with your company before committing to a long-term relationship.

Huge potential to increase value.

A great opportunity to assess return on investment of new implemented trial projects. Gives you huge potential to increase value service by exploring short term scenarios.

What is a « Professional Employer Service » Temps HR will:

Hire and onboard employees.

Administrating employees payroll and benefits.

A range of additional HR duties such as renewing contracts and dismissing employees.

Managing CAPEX & Opex : local and global suppliers.

Benefits for PEO / oustaffing

Cost-Effective Admin Process:

Up to 85% cost savings without the need to hire permanently HR. Ensure Full Compliance on Employee Onboarding whether a fixed-term or open-ended contract providing legal guidance through employee acquisition, contract renewals and termination, benefits distribution, and HR compliance;

Expert access:

Working with an outsourced payroll provider means you gain access to their years of expertise. Tempsh HR hires individuals who have an in-depth understanding of payroll laws and regulations, including complex payroll tax issues.

Hire in 48 Hours:

Establishing a foreign entity generally takes weeks or months to complete. We help you hire and onboard local professionals in as little as 48 hours. This allows your business to expand quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively.

Local Employee Benefits:

We provide compulsory and supplemental benefits to all employees, in accordance with all local legal requirements. Packages that include health care and other supplemental benefits may only be cost-effective for companies with an extensive pool of employees.

Cloud Platform:

Our bespoke cloud platform provides you with a secure and seamless online portal to manage your employees. Anytime, anywhere.

Data security:

When conducting international business, companies need to be aware of regulations passed in EU, GDPR stipulates that any client or employee data needs to be secure, accessible to the individual, and safely transferable.

Improved financial forecasting:

We are able to develop accurate projected budgets, allowing our clients to access the employee data they need. Businesses can develop more effective budget forecasting.

Benefits for Temporary Work / Contingent Staffing

Talent Acquisition:

Dedicated in-house recruitment team, we ensure that you find the right talent to help you grow your business.

Hire Right:

You can hire top talent and reach your company’s true potential.

Everything in One Invoice:

Breaking down costs in full transparency and process compliance. All simplified under just one contact point for your business expansion.

Assess your business situation:

Provide strategic advice on how you should implement on the local market.

Custom Prioritization:

A shared expertise of our account managers, along with our HR, finance, and IT departments. Prioritization is then assigned based on the type of request and its level of complexity.

Service Level Commitment. Fast response times:

After a request is lodged our team members analyse each request, delegate to the necessary department, and complete the request in the shortest time possible. We’re able to estimate completion below 24 hours. For requests categorized as normal, we ensure completion times of between 24 and 48 hours.

Why to outsource recruitment?

Process efficiencies:

Recruiters will have established processes in place, allowing them to recruit more cost-effectively than your business typically can.

Market knowledge:

With an in-depth understanding of the candidate market, professional recruiters will select potential candidates. A recruitment consultant has strong networks and a clear idea of where to find these individuals.


Professional recruiters know how to get a new team up-and-running as quickly as possible. They may be able to recruit within days, rather than weeks or months.

Higher Quality Recruits:

It has been estimated that 80% of employee turnover is the result of poor hiring decisions. All candidates have a replacement guarantee.

Reducing staff turnover:

The recruiter can support implement successfully employee onboarding procedures, provide ongoing post-recruitment outsourcing support that includes the drafting of employment contracts, salary and benefits negotiation, payroll, tax withholding, and benefits administration, HR integration, and legal compliance.

Legal Compliance support:

The Agency can provide you with advice or ongoing assistance on legal, contractual, and compliance issues.

Business Focus:

We support your business in providing market research on the employment market in your target segment.

The benefits of Temps HR recruitment solution:

Recruitment methodology:

We provide your business with a tailored recruitment solution that allows you to connect with the right talent.

Wider understanding of business needs:

We take the time to gain a true understanding of your business and your goals for future growth. We have a consultative approach on the recruitment challenges connected with your industry opportunities and limitations.

Develop an appropriate candidate profile:

Our customized process identifies the industry experience, qualifications, and professional attributes required to be successful in your business. Through our talent acquisition profile, we highlight key candidates, assessing their suitability and motivations for the role.

Discover the very best talent:

Our team has ‘on-the-ground’ experience to specific industries and understand the relevant challenges pertinent to your industry. This experience enables us to target and attract the most suitable candidates on a global level.

Present high-quality candidates:

We showcase the unique attributes of your organization and highlight to candidates the most compelling employer proposition. Through an extensive interviewing process, we identify high-level talent and work meticulously to assess their suitability for your vacant role.

Put the right talent forward:

After presenting your business with the most suitably qualified talent, we draft a detailed assessment of each candidate to help you move towards internal interviews. We continue to support your organization across each phase of the recruitment process – including employee sourcing, hiring, and onboarding.

Support after placement:

Our comprehensive post-recruitment services include all elements of HR, local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and termination

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