1st Level Assurance Engineer

General objectives of the position:

  • Technical expert in 1st Level Operations, specifically in Nokia and Ericsson RAN (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • 24×7 SPOC for Front Office technical excellence
  • Responsible for the coordination, support, management and execution of 1st Level proactive and reactive maintenance activities to ensure that services provided to customers are continuously available and performing to Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance levels
  • Constitutes first/ single point of contact for specific software and hardware solutions delivered to customers;
  • Is responsible for the quality opening of customer trouble tickets and to receive orders request, in various types of applications.
  • Is responsible for the detection of any events related to specific services performance or quality provided to the customer, to report them and act accordingly, in order to correct them.
  • Is responsible for the initiation of functional escalation of incidents, trend analysis of end user performance and faults to early identify customer incidents or problems


  • Network surveillance, 1st level restoration and preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and fault analysis Is responsible of alarm monitoring in IT/Telecom networks;
  • Works with the application for trouble ticket management
  • Handles from reception/creation until closure of the Trouble Tickets and Service Requests from customer and assure the time restoration within SLA. Takes the proper measures (for example functional escalation or participation to work conferences) in order to ensure closing in a correct manner their assignments (tickets/ requests/ orders/ files).
  • Correctly assigns tickets to the right group, following processes and procedures specific for each project;
  • Follows-up on incidents registered but not solved, escalated but not closed; Follow-up on incidents, registered but not solved, escalated to next level support.
  • Works with the applications for trouble ticket management and other specific project’s tools
  • Coordinates and plans the field organization resources in order of solving the issues occured in IT/Telecom systems; Offers support to the field engineers during their actions (by phone and e-mail)
  • Works independently and guides the team to keep the competence and skills up to date
  • Solves standard issues based on the existing procedures and continuously improve them
  • Provides optimal IT/ Telecom network performance in accordance with SLA and KPI agreed with the customer;
  • Controls and manages complex technical situations/projects in a calm and professional manner


  • Responsible for the creation/updating of the procedures and the Technical Instructions in order to be in line with the technical standards in force. Provide support in improving technical procedures. Has the ability to develop procedures for automating repetitive requirements
  • Responsible for effective ways of working within the Front Office delivery
  • Responsible for the quality and quantity of documents and / or presentations prepared in the activity carried out according to the requests received;
  • Has an active role in the coordination and training of new team members if nominated to perform this activity by the direct manager.
  • Performs any other new activity related to the 1st Level Operations domain at the request of the direct manager.
  • Experiences and self-improves in the areas and activities of the project.
  • Ensures that other team members have access to the collected information
  • Timely completion of tasks from the direct manager;
  • Activley participates in the development of new solutions to implement customer requirements.
  • Achieves individual quantitative and qualitative objectives;
  • Contributes to the specialized knowledge base of the department.

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