Target Opearting Model Manager


In this role you will help, design, maintain and evolve our company client Operating Model Processes and its Process Architecture, support Business Optimization Improvement initiatives through process modelling, business analysis and process insight, working with the Business, Global Process Experts, Functional Process SMEs and Process Repository Consultants to deliver value to business partners, within agreed timelines and budget. We provide financial, human resources, audit and IT services to our client entities.


  • Business-facing process modelling experience in a global environment, preferably with a degree in an IT-related discipline
  • Experience in using structured Business Process Improvement methodologies: LEAN, Six Sigma, GE Workouts etc
  • Extensive and substantial practical experience in designing and maintaining an Operating Model
  • Extensive and substantial practical experience in interpreting business process management and business metrics
  • Ability to interpret the business IT and functional strategies, understand the Group – operating model, and the implications actions in one area have on other functions
  • Understand the background, issues and implications of company and functional strategic imperatives

Responsibilities / Accomplishments

  • Working with the business to shape and design the Process Architecture whilst ensuring the integrity of the Operating Model.
  • Working with programmes to define, scope and plan the deliverable to be transitioned into GBS BOC.
  • Contributing to the evolution of the Business Process Architecture within the operating model in line with Global Operating model Governance Group requirements.
  • Evolving the Business Process Architecture methodology to address key business and BOC requirements and identify and develop new value add opportunities
  • Provide input to and/or assist in developing process modelling practice e.g. BPMN2 and leveraging new modelling technology capabilities e.g. Business Process Monitoring (BPM)
  • Ensure compliance with methodology, modelling standards and agreed best practices

RPA management within TOM:

  • Maintaining the method to represent where RPA feature in a TOM processes
  • Ensuring the RPA view of the TOM process are up to date for existing processes and where required new processes are designed to fill the gap and ensure a stable baseline
  • Be the Operating Model Process Change Champion/Design Authority and assisting in the impact to Global business process.
  • Guiding GPEs to drive further value from TOM (improvement opportunities and analysis methods)
  • Keeping up to date with and advising on process architecture (external industry) best practice
  • Actively working with the business to identify and understand cross functional business process challenges and facilitate the resolution with the required stakeholders using best practice methods.

Support Process Improvement activity by:

  • Generating business process insight through generation of reporting and data analysis from MEGA and source systems
  • Facilitation of process walk-through and SME process validation activities
  • Lead communications to Mega users and other business stakeholders, increasing general awareness of the operating model content and functionality of the repository.
  • Ensure all users of Mega are effectively trained and maintain their level of competence required for the projects they undertake. This includes working with process owners to ensure they understand the output from Mega.

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