Technical Support

Our team in Timisoara is working with complex algorithms to solve problems related to computing driving/walking/transit directions between 2 or more locations. We are working closely with major companies to optimize their logistics (deliveries, etc).

This role is for helping us close the loop with our customers by triaging the feedback that we get daily. A successful candidate will need to understand how our systems work, which team is responsible for which subsystem and redirect the problem to the responsible team. He will need to learn how to use our bug tracking system (TFS) to manage the feedback. He will need to present regularly to the team the most important feedback that we have received.


  • Analyzing customer feedback, root cause analysis for bugs, assigning bugs to owners, tracking the progress and verifying completion.
  • Gather training data for machine learning tasks including data mining as well as labeling the data


  • Technical background, strong problem solving
  • Familiarity with inner workings of a browser
  • Familiarity with a bug tracking system and the office suite: Powerpoint and Excel
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills in English

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